Our staff has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, we strive to understand our client’s operations and the positions they need to fill. From operators, mechanics to managers and executives we understand the pivotal role each position plays and our talent network is fully equipped to meet expectations.

Common Positions We Staff


●Plant Manager                         ●Maintenance Manager

●Maintenance Technician    ●Operator

●General/Plant Manager      ●Warehouse/Logistics 

●Operations Manager            ●Production Manager

●Human Resources                 ●Forklift Operator

Manufacturing, Mechanics, Operators, Technicians, Plant Managers

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 Whether it is a Mechanical engineer to review and certify HVAC designs or a Software engineer to lead a cloud integration project, MEC Solutions has a network of engineers in all industries that could be the right fit for your organization and a staff with engineering knowledge that can source the right talent when needed.

Common Positions We Staff

●Mechanical Engineer             ●Software Engineer

●Data Analyst                              ●Professional Engineers

●Design Engineer                      ●HVAC Manager

●IT Manager                                ●Solutions Architect

●CAD Designer/Engineer       ●Energy Engineer


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The construction industry requires individuals from all sorts of backgrounds to come together for the completion of projects. Project Managers, estimators, superintendents and general laborers are difficult to source but that is our job; After understanding the position that is to be filled MEC Solutions has the resources to place a highly talented prospect in a potentially life changing role. 

Common Positions We Staff

●Project Manager                   ●Superintendent

●Estimator                                 ●General Labor

●BIM Manager                          ●Project Coordinator

●Commissioning                     ●Construction Manager

●Program Manager                 ●Detailer


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